How To Change Fiji Airways Flight

If you find yourself needing to make adjustments to your travel plans, understanding how to change your Fiji Airways flight is crucial. This guide will walk you through the process, including details on Fiji Airways’ flight change policy, associated fees, and the convenience of changing your flight online.

Fiji Airways Change Flight Policy:

Before initiating any changes, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with Fiji Airways’ change flight policy. Airlines often have specific guidelines outlining when and how changes can be made to a booked itinerary. Ensure you are aware of the key details, such as:

  • Time Restrictions: Check for any time limitations or deadlines for making changes to your Fiji Airways flight. Different rules may apply depending on factors like the type of ticket and how close your departure date is.
  • Flight Eligibility: Verify if the specific fare class or type of ticket you purchased allows for changes. Some tickets may be more flexible than others in terms of modifications.
  • Documentation Requirements: Understand any documentation or information you may need to provide when requesting a flight change. This could include the reason for the change, personal identification, or other relevant details.

Fiji Airways Change Flight Fee:

Flight changes often come with associated fees. It’s crucial to be aware of Fiji Airways’ change flight fees, which can vary based on factors such as the type of ticket, the time remaining until departure, and the nature of the change. Look out for information on:

  • Fee Structure: Understand how Fiji Airways structures its change flight fees. This may include a flat fee or a tiered system based on the specific changes you are making.
  • Waiver Opportunities: Check if there are any circumstances under which Fiji Airways may waive or reduce change fees. This could include situations like medical emergencies or changes initiated by the airline.

Fiji Airways Change Flight Online:

Taking advantage of online options can streamline the process of changing your Fiji Airways flight. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to change your flight online:

  1. Log In to Your Account: Access your Fiji Airways account on the official website.
  2. Navigate to Manage Booking: Look for the “Manage Booking” or a similar option on the website’s homepage.
  3. Enter Booking Details: Provide the necessary information, including your booking reference and last name, to access your itinerary.
  4. Select Change Flight Option: Once in the booking management portal, look for the option to change your flight. Follow the on-screen prompts to make the necessary adjustments.
  5. Review and Confirm: Double-check all details before confirming the changes. Take note of any additional fees that may apply.

By following these guidelines, you can navigate the process of changing your Fiji Airways flight with confidence, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Changing your Fiji Airways flight shouldn’t be a daunting task. Armed with the right information, you can navigate the process with ease, ensuring your journey remains stress-free.


Q. Can I change my Fiji Airways flight date multiple times?

Yes, Fiji Airways allows multiple changes to your flight date, subject to their flight change policy.

Q. Are there restrictions on changing flight routes?

Fiji Airways may have restrictions on changing flight routes; check their policy or contact customer support for specific details.

Q. What happens if I miss my rescheduled flight?

If you miss your rescheduled flight, Fiji Airways’ policy will apply, and additional fees or options may be available.

Q. Is there a grace period for flight changes?

Fiji Airways typically provides a grace period for flight changes, but specifics depend on their policy and the type of ticket purchased.

Q. Are there exceptions to the change fee?

Exceptions to the change fee may exist based on the circumstances; it’s recommended to review Fiji Airways’ policy or consult customer support.

Q. Can I change my flight if I’ve already checked in?

Changing a flight after check-in with Fiji Airways may have specific rules and potential additional charges; refer to their policy for accurate information.

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